Getting Ready For Bed: How Do You Do It?


¬†You know those nights when you’re trying to go to sleep but your brains all, “hey, sleeping is cool but I want to fret, and ruminate, and hypothesize, and make to do lists, and imagine new projects, and think of everything ever”? Yeah. Those nights are annoying.

When you struggle with anxiety, those nights can occur pretty regularly. It can be really hard to shut the voice inside your head up, and relax.

There are lots of really nice tips online on how to get ready for bed, and slow your mind down so you can fall asleep.

Things like, drinking camomile tea, turning off the computer an hour before you try to sleep, turning down the lights, not eating late at night, reading etc.

Sometimes these things can help, sometimes they don’t, but it’s always nice to have some resources and options to turn to.

I thought it would be interesting to open up the discussion on this topic.

What are your preferred ways of winding down at night?

6 Thoughts on “Getting Ready For Bed: How Do You Do It?

  1. My brain has the tendency to run for hours every night. Though most of the time it keeps me up, I have found a couple of things that help on occasion!

    Because my head is full of so many ideas and tangents, it is helpful to write everything down that might be on my mind (earlier in the night, when I’m starting to think about sleep). Keeping busy during the day and exercising also helps, because then I am quite exhausted by bedtime. Though it isn’t always possible, I’ve found that I fall asleep easier if I have someone staying with me. Talking until my eyelids feel heavy distracts my own thoughts and lets sleep take over. Of course things like tea, low lights, reading, meditation, and sleepy music help as well!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I have been meaning to try purging my thoughts through writing before bed. I have heard that can be quite helpful!
      The other day I was able to fall asleep quite fast by trying out some mindfulness meditation techniques. I tried to focus on my breathing only, and every time a thought would enter I would try to bring my attention back to my breath.

  2. Sometimes laying in bed with low lights an hour or so before it’s time to sleep helps. I find I can allow pervasive thoughts to filter. When I relax I give myself time to process thoughts and feelings by making space for them to be known. During the day, sometimes, there isn’t time. Also super comfy pj’s and sleeping area.

    • Comfy pj’s and sleeping area are super important! totally! I think it can be easy to dismiss or forget about little details like that. “Get nice sheets” has been on my to do list for like a year. Maybe 2014 will be the year of nice sheets!! thanks for your thoughts :)

  3. my favourite thing to do is turn off the lights and narrate what I did during the day or any other thoughts I have into my little audio recorder. putting thoughts into proper words lets the brain empty much more easily. it’s also a very good way for generating abstract links in your thoughts.

    • mmmmm I like that idea!! I’ve wanted to try doing something like that, since I don’t always feel like physically writing or typing my thoughts. maybe I will give it a shot. thanks for sharing!

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