How To Cure The Winter Blues (or at least not let them get the best of you)


Okay, okay, okay, it’s that time of year again. If you live in the north, this post is especially for you. For those of you in the south, um, I guess what I am about to discuss is never ever a problem for you? pffffft.

Hey remember that big old ball of fire that used to shine down on you when you were walking around in shorts or sitting in the sand at the beach or whatever you liked doing in the Summer? Yes I am talking about the Sun. Remember it?

(Actually this year it has been quite sunny for Fall going into Winter. I’ve been presently surprised.)

Aside the point!

The point is, it is now Winter, and the Sun is slowly becoming more and more stand offish as the days go on. Also, the days are way to short, and some are reallllyyyyyy dark.

I have always drawn some connection between the darkness of Winter, and the darkness that I end up experiencing internally during the Winter. I then discovered that there really was a connection, and that there is this thing called Seasonal Affective Disorder. I also learned that many people, even those who do not suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, do get negatively affected by the lack of sun during the Winter months.

It took me several years of getting horribly depressed in the Winter to realize, ohh it’s not just me, it is the lack of sun. So simple right?

Well actually it is kind of simple, and there are some simple things you can try out to help yourself get through the Winter.

Funny story: My Grandma slips liquid Vitamin D drops into my Grandpas food in the Winter. lol. He wont try anything like that on his own, and  in fact refuses that he even needs to in the first place. Grandma feels differently, and thus solves the problem by drugging Grandpa. 

Anyway! Here are some ideas:

Might as well start with Vitamin D!!!!

1. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) – take a vitamin D supplement in the Winter, or better yet, get that liquid stuff my Grandma uses.

2. Sunlamps – invest in a sunlamp! sit by the sunlamp. Magic.

3. Tanning beds – k I know it sounds weird, but my friend turned me on to this idea. Using a tanning bed in really small doses, like 2 – 5 mins, has a similar affect as the sunlamp. You aren’t in there long enough to turn orange or get cancer, but you do get a little burst of fake sun and heat, and it feels really nice. Plus, its a really odd experience going to the tanning salon, so that is sort of a fun activity for the day.

4. Savour the sun – The sun doesn’t visit much anymore, so when it does come around, be sure to get out and enjoy it. Quick, get off facebook, stop watching youtube, quit your job, whatever! Stand outside in the sun for a couple minutes, or if you can go for walk. Feel the sunshine on your skin.

5. Let’s see, is there a 5th one? Go on a Vacation? If you can I guess that could be an option. No, okay so there is no solid 5th option, but, overall, just remember that you aren’t going crazy. If you feel blue, try to remind yourself that it could be the season affecting you…

Hope this was helpful!

Also, I still can’t tell if anyone reads this blog, but if there is some reading these words, I would like to encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Any tips for Winter Blues??

Happy Winter to you!

13 Thoughts on “How To Cure The Winter Blues (or at least not let them get the best of you)

  1. hi, i’m reading : )
    1) it definitely gets cold (ok, not /as/ cold, but relatively) in the south, we definitely get the S.A.Ds
    2) getting some sun and trying to stay balanced is good advice, but i also think it’s ok to feel a little sad in the winter. not to say depressed, necessarily, but i think each season offers unique opportunities for perceiving and dealing with the world. Because it’s cold and you want to stay inside more, I find fall/winter a good time to dig in to projects. It’s also a good time for reflection, reevaluating, and regrouping. You can take the dark times to figure out what’s really important to you and who you want to be in preparation for a spring in which you’ll ~*blossom*~
    So I say go with it… to an extent.

    • Ahh yes I love this advise! I totally agree. Winter is definitely a nice month to hibernate, reflect, and delve into projects. That is exactly what I am doing!
      As long as the SAD doesnt get so00 bad that you can’t even do that stuff right? ;)
      I am feeling pretty strong this Winter.

  2. I still read it! I’ve been noticing the mood changes lately, so Vitamin D and sunlamps are definitely my weapons of choice to fight the drearies.

    I’ve heard of St. John’s Wort and 5-HTP to help mood. They are generic OTC supplements, but they require talking to a doctor first to make sure it won’t interact with anything you’re taking.

    Keep posting :)

  3. i started feeling tired when it got cold these last weeks, so i restarted my vitamin regimen. Vitamin D all the way! Vitamin B12 helps me too. get the lozenges and melt them under your tongue. that way, it will soak right into your bloodstream.

  4. So happy to have interaction on the blog!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips!!

  5. the thing I find the hardest to do in the winter is also the most helpful (ugh). excerciiiiiiise. i got over feeling weird about going to the gym, and once I drag my body out of bed and get there, it feels great (try to find a gym with a sauna because then you get a treat when the work out is done, and plus when you go back out into the dreary cold you are warmed from the inside). I agree with the “just go with it” attitude too, and im looking forward to working on projects especially if im doing so while in bed surrounded by comfort food :-)

  6. I did take a long ole walk and in the sun today! But I was worn out by the time I reached my destination! But for fighting the winter blues I try my hardest to just breath in the holiday season and enjoy that the best I can. Thank you for this post! :D

  7. Not sure how much the darker months of the year affect my mood.
    Last year (winter ’12/’13) I felt depressed and could hardly cope with the lack of sunlight.
    Actually it felt like living in a film noir.
    Darkness everywhere, which seemed to crawl under your skin, literally…
    This year it’s a different story. I feel buzzy and agitated with a brighter mood in general.
    Might be the effexor. ;-)
    Hope my mood won’t crash again.
    Thought about getting a sunlamp, but bought a new bass guitar on Ebay instead. :-D
    As musicians we also suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), guess you know what I mean… ;-)

    • I seem to be doing better this winter in comparison to last year as well… I also take effexor so yes it could be that to haha.
      Still I am having some pretty hard days but I am trying to just muster through it. Actually started taking vitamin D a few days ago. can’t really tell if its helping as it’s probably too soon to notice anyway. Totally know about g.a.s lol. still meaning to buy a sunlamp but there are so many pedals to get still ha!

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