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The Greatest Hits of Jackie Wilson is a great mood booster !

Even though my mood is generally better these days, I still find it hard to maintain day to day tasks. I feel overwhelmed by the never ending to do list. I guess it’s partially my perfectionism. I want to see things reach perfection and then stay in that completed state, but the nature of chores is that they will always need to be done. I dont like that thought.

Water the plants

Make that appointment

Answer emails

Clean the cat litter

Do the dishes

Take out the compost 

Take out the garbage

put away the laundry

Get some exercise

prepare food

feelings from social anxiety

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Miles Davis - In A Silent Way

Very nice music for takin’ it easy ;)

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself: 'could be worse' ;)

*original comic*


Joy & Sorrow



I love exercising outdoors

explains so much. 

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